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Orchid International supplies millions of welded assemblies annually including safety critical sub-assemblies to our OEM customers. Orchid Monroe provides numerous flexible Robotic MIG welding cells that can be tooled as necessary for custom sub-assemblies.

Orchid International uses multi-axis robotic welders to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and quality welds. Complimented with vision systems, these robotic welding stations are utilized with both two and four station dial tables to help ensure quality levels and to increase throughput.

TIG Welded Stator Core        TIG Welded Parts

Robotic Welded Stator Core Assemblies

  Robotic Welded Large Diameter Stator Cores

Robotic TIG Welding Process:

Orchid Monroe provides state of the art Robotic welding processes for the final assembly of electrical laminations utilized in Motor and Generator field applications.