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Steel Slitting

Orchid International's Monroe, WI plant offers precision steel slitting for the processing its electrical grade lamination material. The Paxton Slitting line has a capacity of 2,500,000 pounds per week from master coils. Orchid processes a variety of electrical steels categorized by core loss, permeability, gauge and grade.

Orchid currently processes in excess of one (1) million pounds of electrical grade steel per week. Traceability is maintained for all material back to each mill by heat lot. Watt loss and permeability requirements of electrical grade steels correlated with the steel mills based on specific product specifications.

Electrical grade materials that are processed at the Monroe facility are utilized for laminations found in electric motors, EV traction motors, lighting, generators, and transformer applications. The Monroe facility serves manufacturers in the automotive, green technology, military, renewable energy, appliance, lighting, electric motor, transportation, transformer and many other consumer product industries located throughout North America.