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Precision Metal Forming

Orchid International's manufacturing facility features metal stamping presses ranging from 75 to 1,000 tons in capacity, and are equipped with modern servo feed systems and incorporate in-die sensing. SmartPAC controls on each press provide automatic set-up of part parameters and facilitate operator interface.

500-1000 Ton Presses   300-400 Ton Presses   75-250 Ton Presses 
500-1,000 Ton Presses   300-400 Ton Presses   75-250 Ton Presses

Orchid International supplies over 35-million stampings annually including safety critical precision seat track, door hinge, window regulator, and seating recliner mechanism stampings. In the automotive, green technology, appliance, testing, lawn & garden, and many other consumer product industries located throughout North America.

Orchid International has been providing high quality stampings for automotive and consumer product industries for many years often taking over business for a more competitive advance or simply to produce a higher quality part. 


Orchid International also manufactures fabricated cabinets and assemblies that are utilized in laboratory testing, electric vehicle (EV) drive, EV level-II charging station, process analysis, power generation, electrical and fluid reservoir applications.

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Orchid's Monroe, WI plant supplies over 110-million lamination stampings utilized in electric motors, EV traction motors, lighting transformers, generators, and control transformer applications. Learn more about the high speed Lamination Stamping press capacity that is available at the Orchid Monroe, WI facility.