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Orchid Monroe is a premier supplier of over 110-million lamination stampings annually utilized in electric motors, EV traction motors, lighting, generators, and transformer applications. The Monroe facility serves manufacturers in the automotive, green technology, military, renewable energy, appliance, lighting, electric motor, transportation, transformer and many other consumer product industries located throughout North America.

Advanced processes offered by the Orchid Monroe manufacturing group includes includes precision steel slitting services, high speed lamination stamping, high pressure aluminum die casting, robotic welding, annealing, and complex assembly capabilities.

Engineering capabilities include engineered manufacturing solutions, design / build of high speed carbide tools, precision testing, validation capabilities, comprehensive program management, prototype services and development engineering.

Lamination Tool Building Capabilities

Orchid EV Traction Drive Motoe Hybrid Drive Rotors & Stator Cores
EV Traction Drive Motor Laminations Hybrid Drive Rotor & Stator Laminations
Rotor & Stator Cores Welded Stator Cores
Electric Motor Rotor & Stator Laminations Welded Design Stator Laminations.....Learn More
Wind Turbine Generator Segmented Stators Lighting Transformer Laminations
Wind Turbine Segmented Stator Laminations Lighting Transformer Laminations.....Learn More
Motor Starter Laminated Cores Machine Control Transformer Laminated Cores
Motor Starter Core Laminations Transformer Laminations.....Learn More
Fractional Motor Rotors & Stators
Fractional Motor Rotor & Stator Laminations Large Diameter Rotor Laminations 
Interlocked Laminations Welded Stator Core
Interlocked Stator Core Laminations Welded Design Large Motor Laminations