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EV Traction Motors

Orchid International is a world class supplier of prototype traction drive motors and primary motor assemblies for hybrid and electric vehicles. Orchid's Monroe, WI Manufacturing Group works closely with the automotive industry in both development activities as well as manufactured solutions offering the primary motor component assemblies for Traction drive systems.

Orchid has worked with a number of automotive companies including General Motors, Ford and TM4 for those applications that demand precision engineered solutions, robust manufacturing disciplines and rigid quality practices. Orchid International's Monroe, WI manufacturing group is the source for all of your driveline development, manufacturing, and assembly needs. 

Orchid Prototype IM230-500 IPM Traction Motor -


  • 250 N-m
  • 2,500 rpm base
  • 95% efficient
  • 4 pole IPM
  • 12 slot stator
  • 65 Kg
  • 275 mm OD
  • Air cooled




Orchid International is committed to the pursuit of green technology projects which lend themselves to the preservation of, and the reduction of our dependency on fossil fuels. Orchid has developed prototype EV Traction Drive Motors for use in a number of vehicles including passenger truck and commercial bus applications.

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