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Rinehart MotionPower Electronics and Traction Controls

For anything that moves, RMS has a traction control solution

Rinehart Motion Systems manufactures a variety of complete power electronics sytems and products for commercial, military and automotive OEMs. Our customers are a unique blend of some of the largest corporations, and some of the smallest, newest vehicle developers in the world. Our products encompass 5 - 500kW Hybrid Systems, Motor Drives, Static Inverters, DC/DC, DC/AC and AC/DC Converters, EV and HEV Traction Controls, Battery Chargers, Energy Storage Systems, High Power Instrumentation, and other related products.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
RMS provides electric and hybrid vehicle design, vehicle power system architecture, propulsion system design, drivability consulting, and vehicle integration support for vehicle developers in automotive, trucking, and military markets.

Custom Product Development
RMS provides custom product design services, packaging technology development, high power test services, compliance testing services, and consulting services to OEMs and end users in automotive and military markets and in the professional racing world

PM Family of Traction Controls

The PM Family of automotive class traction control motor drives evolved from RMS’ proprietary Formula 1 based packaging technology and approach. These are the lightest, smallest sealed and automotive ready drives available anywhere. The Family will quickly span 50kW – 500kWpk as applications continue to open up for the larger drives.

  PM100 - 100kW peak
The PM100 is presently shipping in small quantities, DV-stage pre-production hardware. The drive is available at two different voltage ratings depending on the battery storage system used on your vehicle:

PM100DX - 300Arms continuous, 160 - 360VDC
PM100DZ - 150Arms continuous, 300 - 720VDC




  PM150 - 150kW peak
The PM150 is identical to the PM100 except for an additional 50mm in length to accommodate the significantly larger internal DC Link capacitor assembly and power module.

PM150DX - 450Arms continuous, 160 - 360VDC
PM150DZ - 250Arms continuous, 300 -720VDC




PM250 - 250kW peak (Coming Soon)
The PM250 is a higher power drive system optimized for heavy duty applications in trucking, buses, construction equipment, and other vehicles with a high continuous power requirement and extensive power cycling life requirements.

  PM250DX - 900Arms continuous, 160 - 360VDC
  PM250DZ - 500Arms continuous, 300 - 720VDC

PM350 - 350kW peak (Coming Soon)

  PM350DX - 1250Arms continuous, 160 - 360VDC
  PM350DZ - 750Arms continuous, 300 - 720VDC

RMS offers a host of services for OEMs, Systems Integrators, and end users in a wide range of markets

Power Circuit Design
The company has considerable experience with the physical and electrical design of power circuits from a few Watts to 1,000kW. This includes mechanical layout and complete mechanical design, thermal design, analysis of the losses and temperature rise of the components, laminated bus bar designs, DC link capacitor bank designs, and overall system enclosure design.
Advanced Thermal Management Design
Extensive thermal design and thermal component and system analysis for air-, water- and oil-cooled circuits, assemblies and systems;
Cast, Extruded, Transfer Molded, Injection Molded, and exotic metal matrix materials experience;
Custom heat exchanger design and fabrication;
Cooling System test and qualification
Power Hybrid and Multi-Chip Module Packaging
All aspects of power module design, including power substrate layout design, die attach tooling and fixture, wire-bonding layout design, gate and power lead frame design, injection molded component design, and comprehensive thermal and electrical analysis
Motor Controls
AC Induction and Permanent Magnet motor control algorithms, expertise, and software for industrial, alternative energy, and traction controls

Core Competencies

- Unique IP in packaging, cooling, and interconnecting high power semiconductors, discrete power components, and systems
- IGBT and MOSFET modules and custom power hybrids
- Advanced composite and metal matrix materials
- Advanced analysis techniques and methods to accurately predict thermal and electrical results before building a prototype
- Power circuit electrical and electro-thermal simulation
- Accurate losses analysis and co-simulation of the power circuit in operation
- System hardware, system controls and firmware for DC/DC, DC/AC and AC/DC converter and inverter systems
- EV and HEV traction and system power flow control
- Energy storage system engineering
- Battery Pack design and analysis
- Battery thermal behavior and electrical models
- Integrated Power Electronic control systems
- Design for Test / Design for Manufacturing

State-of-the-Art Computer-Based Engineering Tools

- SolidWorks Office suite 3D Solid Modeling software
- Cosmos FLOW Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software
- Cosmos Finite Element Analysis (thermal, mechanical FEA) simulation
- PSIM Power Electronics simulation software
- MATLAB / Simulink, Real-Time Embedded Coder, Real-Time Workshop
- SPICE electronic circuit simulation (PSPICE and other SPICE variants for power)
- Infolytica MagNet 3-D Field Solver (electromagnetic FEA)
- Mentor Graphics Schematic Capture and PCB layout software
- Mitchell Software WinGeo suspension geometry and kinematics design
- Document Control, Revision Control, and ECO Process software over VPN
- LabView automated test system software development environment
- 3D Printer in ABS - 250 x 250 x 300mm build area
- MasterCAM CNC code development tools for in-house machining
- 3-axis Haas CNC Vertical Machining Center
- Motor / Generator Dynamometer test stands - 150Nm / 20kRPM and 500Nm / 8.5kRPM test capabilities
- Metal fabrication equipment and machine shop
- 2-post vehicle lift for in-house EV construction and hybrid conversion

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