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Orchid Monroe with core competencies in precision high-speed electrical lamination stamping, automated assembly, aluminum die casting, fabrication, robotic welding, annealing, machining and fastening processes.

Dedicated to innovation in manufacturing, Orchid International's engineering team assists our manufacturing partners in designing parts, assemblies and tooling to maximize efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Utilizing value-added/value-engineered (VA/VE) principles, Orchid's creative engineering approach optimizes product design for improved quality and reduced material and processing costs.

Orchid Monroe utilizes both in-house CAD software to meet requirements necessary for seamless integration between your design and our manufacturing processes. With this approach in providing design services, it allows Orchid to maintain an economical cost structure to our customers.

Programs are managed and lead by Orchid International staff. Comprehensive APQP management tools are utilized to ensure project tasks and timing are met. Projects supported by Six Sigma Methodologies in respect to multiple disciplines including root cause analysis (Cause & Effect, Five Whys, FMEA, Statistical, etc). Engineering leadership / management is provided for all design projects.

Orchid Monroe also offers turnkey product Integration capabilities for its customers involving program management, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, validation, and supply chain management. Design services include the optimization of product with respect to manufacturing processes and project cost points, with the goal of exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

Orchid Monroe offers full management of sophisticated dies for new stamping programs as well as for the transfer of existing programs. Our team of toolmakers and fully equipped tool rooms provide complete tool building and maintenance capability. Journeyman toolmakers ensure that dies are properly maintained for optimal running condition. To maximize production space and improve operational efficiency, Orchid utilizes a die storage system for its progressive tools.

As more economical tooling options are becoming available with the opening of markets in China and other nations, Orchid can help coordinate the development and delivery of dies suitable for your program. Orchid continuously strives to develop relationships with tooling sources on a global level to help reduce the program costs for our customers.

Orchid International utilizes the latest process control techniques to optimize production. Die sensors are used extensively to help assure maximum uptime and to assist in quickly identifying problems such as slug marks or double thickness of materials. Vision systems are incorporated into the assembly automation to verify part presence and orientation. Digital pictures on computer screens verify correct parts at weigh scales and presses. Historical data of average part weights at our sample scale areas also helps us assure the correct parts are in outgoing containers.

Orchid is dedicated to producing only the highest quality products and strives to ensure the highest standards of quality control are in place in each facility. To this end, all of our facilities operate in strict compliance with internationally recognized quality procedures. All Orchid facilities are registered to the highest applicable ISO, and TS standards and are in compliance with other recognized standards whenever applicable.

Orchid utilizes state of the art Inspection labs to qualify the product and components that are produced at its manufacturing facilities. Available Lab equipment encompasses CMM, Optical measurement, Laser measurement, X-Ray, Digital Scanning Calorimeter, Open Bar Testing, Hardness Testing, and Environmental Chambers.


Orchid Monroe is also a qualified and registered government contractor (CAGE / NCAGE # 6DPU0) to supply products based on the following North America Industry and Federal Supply Classification codes:

NAICS # 332116, 332420, 332439, 332710, 332721, 332994, 332995, 332999
FSC # 1005, 1010, 1420, 1560, 1680, 8140

Monroe also offers in house Lamination Tool Building Capabilities for its customer needs.

To request more information about a particular process, design service, or manufacturing facility, visit the Contact page and send us an e-mail or request a brochure. If you prefer to speak to someone, please give us a call.