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Aluminum Die Casting

Orchid International's Monroe, WI plant supplies millions of die casted rotors and stators annually utilized in electric motor, EV traction motor, and generator applications. Orchid’s die casting machines are fed by gas-fired furnaces with an automated ladling system.  Molten aluminum is transferred into the die cast machines and injected into each rotor automatically. Both vertical and horizontal systems are offered with fully automated load /unload capabilities. Orchid Monroe is a high volume manufacturer of cast rotors ranging from sub-fractional to large diameter & height rotor cores.

The Orchid Monroe Manufacturing Group offers comprehensive engineering solutions for those companies who require them for complex casted rotors.  Development activities include prototype engineering and production, flow analysis, mold design and program management.  

Rotor & Stator Cores
Die Casted Motor Rotor Cores Die Casted Motor Rotor Cores
Fractional Motor Rotors & Stators
Fractional Motor Rotor Cores Large Diameter Motor Rotor Cores















Automated Aluminum Die Casting Cell

Orchid's high pressure Aluminum Die Casting cell for Large Diameter Rotors employes a robotic system for the transfer of rotor cores through the casting process. (Time lapsed video)